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810: Ornithologies of Desire by Travis V. Mason


810: Mason, Travis V. Ornithologies of Desire: Ecocritical Essays, Avian Poetics, and Don McKay. Waterloo, ONT, Canada: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013. 226 pp. ISBN 978-1-55458-630-1.

Dewey Breakdown:

  • 800: Literature
  • 810: American literature in English

This is another one of those book where I don’t have a fun, exciting, or enticing lede. Travis V. Mason’s Ornithologies of Desire is an in-depth look at the writing of Canadian poet-critic-essayist Don McKay. But rather than a straightforward textual reading of McKay’s works, Mason uses McKay’s love of birds and ornithology to create a ecocritical lens through which to examine McKay.

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598: Imperial Dreams by Tim Gallagher


598.7209721: Gallagher, Tim. Imperial Dreams: Tracking the Imperial Woodpecker Through the Wild Sierra Madre. New York: Atria, 2013. 254 pp. ISBN 978-1-4391-9152-1.

Dewey Breakdown:

  • 500: Science
  • 590: Zoology
  • 598: Aves (Birds)
  • 598.7: Miscellaneous orders of land birds
  • 598.72: Piciformes
  • +09721: Northern states of Mexico

First, a confession: this book has no formal Dewey Decimal Classification number. As of March 8, 2013, this book does not have a full Cataloguing-In-Publication section on the copyright page nor is it listed in the catalog of the Library of Congress (my usual backup source). Tim Gallagher’s other woodpecker book—Grail Bird—which is about tracking an elusive species of woodpecker throughout the United States, is eerily similar to this one, so I used the same basic call number (598.72) and tacked on a geographic subsection. That being said, there is a case to be made for this being a general natural history book (DDC 508), but the research and the writing is specific enough to warrant classification among the birds.

Now, on to the book at hand.

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