715: Landscape Plants by Ferrell Bridwell

by Gerard


715: Bridwell, Ferrell M. Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Culture and Use. Albany, NY: Delmar Thompson Learnings, 1994. 525 pp. ISBN 0-8273-6017-7.

Dewey Breakdown:

  • 700: Fine Arts
  • 710: Civic and landscape art
  • 715: Woody plants in landscape architecture

Ferrell Bridwell’s Landscape Plants is exactly what it advertises. Bridwell catalogs all the plants that can be used in outdoor landscaping, plain and simple. While the book is essentially a catalog of plants, there is a fair amount of discussion on which plants are more commonly used than others, how to arrange materials to create an appealing landscape, and which plants grow better in different geographic locales. The book focuses more on the decorative appearance and care necessary for the plants, so don’t expect too deep a discussion of plant biology and morphology. There are, however, sections on each plant dealing with pest control, growth rates, and many other maintenance subjects. If you’re looking to landscape your own property or need some answers to questions you have about your foliage, this is a very good book to turn to. It’s not a page turner, but rather a fairly decent reference tool.