997: The Falklands War 1982 by Duncan Anderson

by Gerard


997.11024: Anderson, Duncan. The Falklands War 1982. Oxford, UK: Osprey Publishing, 2002. 92 pp. ISBN 1-84176-422-1.

Dewey Breakdown:

  • 900: History and Geography
  • 990: History of the Pacific Ocean Island, other parts of the world, and extraterrestrial worlds
  • 997: History of Atlantic Ocean islands
  • 997.1: Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, and Bouvet Island
  • 997.11: Falkland Islands
  • 997.1102: British period, 1832 to present
  • 997.11024: Falkland Islands War, 1982

In the spring of 1982, Argentine military leaders decided to invade the South Georgia and Falkland Islands, which had been under British control for 150 years, and reclaim their former territory. Not wishing to seem too hesitant, British Prime Minister Thatcher immediately sent a retaliatory naval and ground force to re-occupy the Falklands. After 74 days of fighting, the British emerged victorious and British troops held a celebratory march through London for the first time since the Second World War. Duncan Anderson’s The Falklands War 1982 is a whirlwind tour through the background, battles, and history of the quick entanglement.

Anderson’s volume is a slim, but it covers everything rather well. There are plenty of illustrations, photographs, and maps to show how all the events took place. His descriptions and analyses are decidedly biased toward the British; however, the facts are still presented in a straightforward manner. The bibliography is rather sparse, but it was still recent history at the time of publication. To be fair as well, the war was a bit more nuanced than an invasion and a quick counterstrike, and Anderson’s history does at least take a look at both side of the fighting. If you’re looking an introductory, non-academic piece on the Falklands War, then this one will do fairly well.