315: On an Average Day in Japan by Tom Heymann

by Gerard


315.7: Heymann, Tom. On An Average Day in Japan. New York: Fawcett Columbine, 1992. 206 pp. ISBN 0-449-90607-8.

Dewey Construction:

  • 300: Social Sciences
  • 310: General statistics
  • 315: General statistics of Asia
  • 315.7: General statistics of Japan

This is another one of Tom Heymann’s collections of demographic statistics. Only a few special writers have ever made statistics/demographics interesting. Tom Heymann isn’t one of them. On An Average Day in Japan is a dated collection of demographics about the Japanese people and what happens on the average day. Each page has a quick set of stats on consumerism, medical behavior, births and deaths, addiction, news media, etc. Most of the figures given are then contrasted with the same general measure for the American population. Read it if you have to; skip it of you don’t.