388: London Underground’s Strangest Tales by Iain Spragg

by Gerard


388.4209421: Spragg, Iain. London Underground’s Strangest Tales: Extraordinary But True Stories. London: Portico Books, 2013. 176 pp. ISBN 978-1-9075-5497-1.

Dewey Breakdown:

  • 300: Social Sciences
  • 380: Commerce, communications, and transport
  • 388: Transportation and ground transportation
  • 388.4: Local transportation
  • 388.42: Local rail transit systems
  • +09421: Greater London

Ever since it opened in 1863, the London Underground has helped to transport billions of travelers all over Greater London. Iain Spagg’s London Underground’s Strangest Tales provides a chronological collection of tidbits, asides, and goofball stories to help tell a different story of the train line’s history. While many of the chapters are interesting, coincidental, or historical, they aren’t really strange. Don’t get me wrong, the information presented here is fun and useful for a lot of trivia contests (like, for instance, only two people has ever been transported on the Tube on their way to be buried: Prime Minister William Gladstone and philanthropist Thomas Barnado). The writing is jovial and breezy and you can whiz through this book in a few hours, but don’t expect to be regaled with tales of intrigue and sensationalism. A quick and fun book.