223: Job for Everyone by John Goldingay

by Gerard


223.1077: Goldingay, John. Job for Everyone. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2013. 211 pp. ISBN 978-0-664-23936-7.

Dewey Breakdown:

  • 200: Religion
  • 220: The Bible
  • 223: Poetics books of the Old Testament
  • 223.1: Job
  • 223.1077: Commentary with text

Job is a man of faith. He has a loving family, a thriving farm, and the respect of his community. One day, Satan declares that the only reason Job is happy and faithful is because God protects him and brings him prosperity. He says that if that protection was gone, Job would no longer have faith in God. Satan proposes an experiment: remove all the prosperity, all the riches, and his family and let us see his true faith. The only rule: Satan can do whatever we wants to Job, but he cannot kill him. John Goldingay’s Job for Everyone is pleasant explication of this metaphoric and heavy tale.

This book is not an exegesis or a catechism or a dense work of theology, but rather a learned man’s introspective look at the life of Job. While Goldingay is a Biblical scholar, his attempt to make the book of Job more accessible works well. It’s a commentary, so you get a chunk of the text, then the author’s explanations and reflection after each one. He ties events in Job’s tale to stories from his own life (probably not as severe, though, as plagues, boils, and the destruction of his family). What emerges is a useful and complex understanding of Job’s story. If you’re reading the Bible and looking for a companion piece for this section, then this book should work very well.