242: Majestic and Wild by Murray Pura

by Gerard


242: Pura, Murray. Majestic and Wild: True Stories of Faith and Adventure in the Great Outdoors. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2013. 235 pp. ISBN 978-0-8010-1512-0.

Dewey Breakdown:

  • 200: Religion
  • 240: Christian moral and devotional theology
  • 242: Devotional literature

Murray Pura’s Majestic and Wild is quite possibly the most peaceful book I’ve read in a long while. This collection of religious nature essays details the daily work and spiritual life for him and his family while living in Canada over the last three decades. While originally an author of religious paperback novels, his affinity for the natural world could perhaps be his second calling. Each essay is centered around a Bible verse that helps him better understand an experience he has while out in nature. To Pura, the grandeur of the natural world is the closest way to approach the grandeur of God. Each vignette, whether it be a close encounter with an enraged bear or moose or a simple jaunt into the countryside with his dogs, offers the ability for reflection not only on the wonder of the wild but also the awesomeness of the Creator. While I may not readily agree with his theology, there is no escaping the sense of how genuinely calming and calamitous nature can be. Like a few books I’ve read before, this one is written simply and reads quick but, like many other things, resists simplicity. A quiet and pleasant book.