297: The Koran: Selected Suras

by Gerard

297.122: The Koran: Selected Suras. Translated by Arthur Jeffrey. Decorated by Valenti Angelo. New York: Heritage Press, 1958. 207 pp.

Dewey Construction:

  • 200: Religion
  • 290: Other & comparative religions
  • 297: Islam, Babaism, and Baha’i Faith
  • 297.1: Sources of Islam
  • 297.12: Koran and Hadith
  • 297.122: Koran

The Koran (more accurately transliterated as Qur’an) forms the core of Islam. It is considered the verbatim word of God as compiled by Muhammad. That is the extent to which I am going to describe the contents of this book because I have a basic understanding of a comment flame war and I do not have the time keep putting out fires.

I will, however, discuss an interesting aspect of this particular version. This volume was published by Heritage Press in 1958 as part of a series of monthly deliveries to help the public build good and broad home libraries. For 1958, issuing editions of the Koran seems to me a bit ahead of its times. If the Heritage Press is still in business, I applaud their foresight.

With each book came a four page pamphlet explaing the context of the book, its importance, and bit about the author (in this case, the translator and the decorator).  Of particular interest in the pamphlet are the included justifications for certain choices made in this edition, such as Koran vs. Qur’an and the choice of “decorations” over “illustrations.”

All in all, it was a very interesting volume.