Unassigned: Question For You

by Gerard

So. I’m about 7.5% done with this project (hey, it’s 890 books, so it’ll take a while), and I have a question for anybody listening out there? Right now, my book buying is done using Mechanical Turk earnings. After 2-4 weeks of work, I usually have a decent stockpile of cash, so I go on a book buying binge at Amazon–usually anywhere from 8-15 at a time (on birthdays and Christmases, I usually end up with a stack of Amazon gift cards, so then it’s more like 20-40 books).

My question is this: do you, the loyal followers of this blog, want to know what books I buy in each bundle so that you get a sneak peek at potential upcoming reviews, or do you want to remain in suspense? I only add books to The Tally page once they’re read, so you’d only get a list of new books added to the library on an intermittent basis. In the last week alone, I’ve added 22 books to the mountain I’m keeping in the wings for future picks.

Let me know in comments — I’m eager for your responses.


[Also, my campaign is still going on at Indiegogo to help offset additional costs. Every little bit helps, even just sharing it with (hopefully generous) friends.]