Unassigned: Panhandling for Paperbacks

by Gerard

So. I’ve been doing some calculating. Looking at all the book left on the list and my library’s availability, I have about 550 books to acquire to flesh out my collection and read all the readable sections. Tromping through bibliographic databases and Amazon for ideas and prices, it will cost me about $6,000 to get all the books I need for this quest.

To help defray some of the costs, I’ve set up a Indiegogo campaign (here) to collect some money to supplement the home collection. I know, trolling the blogosphere for handouts seems gimmicky and even a little sad, but a person has to try.

Now–there are perks to contributing. You’ll have to head over to the campaign website to see them all, but one of the perks is control over which books get read next. I’ll send you the list of books I have on hand and you get to pick the next three on the docket.

This is just an initial campaign to gauge interest and see if I’ll have to find other revenue streams. But, if this first round pans out, then I’ll be able to get about 100 more books for the quest. Honestly, I didn’t think that there would be anyone out there who’d be interested in following my journey, but you first 36 followers are proof of the power of niche groups. I’m glad to have a few friendly faces on this trek. Now–let’s get some more books!