Unassigned: Thoughts so Far

by Gerard

Well, so far I’ve read seven books from seven different Dewey sections. I’m not even 1% into this challenge and there are two things I’ve been turning over in my mind.

First, should I read the books in order, reading a 000 (General Works), then a 001 (Knowledge), then a 002 (The Book), and so on?

After collating the full list from my copy of the DDC, reading books in that order would seem out of line with the intent of this project. By reading each section, I am trying to become a little more well-read, trying to expand my literary comfort zone. After comparing my home library against the list ahead of me, I already know that I am woefully under-read on religion. This journey will hopefully eliminate that. But if I were to read all the religion sections in order, that would be too much. After reading a book on Christianity and the Christian church in Asia (275), I’d have to read one on Africa (276), and then on on North America (276). That could get very tedious. After the last seven books, I think I like the idea of a new (kind of) random subject every time I pick up a new new book.

Second, should I count books I’ve already read?

I have a list going of all the books I’ve read since Christmas of 2007. It currently numbers 190 books. Also, I read a ton of books in college on my way to my English degree. Do those count, too? I’ve decided that they don’t. To be fair to all the readers out there, this project needs to be 904 posts on 904 books. And so it shall be. In some sections, I only have one book in my collection–so I’ll re-read it and write up my thoughts. Plus, going through the list, I couldn’t even remember much about the books I have read, so it’ll help me retain and regain some of those experiences. This will also give me some time before I have to buy more books and supplement my collection. My current library has books in 246 different sections (with 23 on the way from Amazon). That means I’ll be just under 30% stocked for the project. At my current pace (2 books a week), I’ll run out of material in 2 and a half years. I buy a lot of books, so by then I should have more to sustain me. No doubt, though, that my pace will slow as things come up.

Right now, I’m in the middle of two books–one on New Testament documentary history and one on the history of the American circus. Both are a little dense, so it may a bit before I move on to something more refreshing.

On a different note, I’d like to see more of your thoughts. So, if there are people reading out there, I encourage you to formally subscribe. This is my first foray into one of these “quest” blogs, so I’d like as much feedback as possible. Thanks, all!